In-Store Product Demonstration

Product demonstration can be one of your best sales tools that creates interest and provides proof that your product does what it says.

Product Launches and Events

Our consultants are specialists in demonstrating products in a retail environment. We can provide the correct approach and techniques to improve the success of your in-store demonstrations, Product Launches, and events.

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Brand Presence to Increase Sales

Aguzzo Group works with clients on live interactive product demonstrations that enable articulate messaging of your products and allowing you to best demonstrate the value of your products. We can provide extensive training for retailers and their front line team to connect your brand and it’s associated benefits with the consumer.

Product Launches and Events

We work with retailers across Australia, empowering their team to be confident and passionate about the products they are selling. We can unlock and enhance the sales ability of each individual.

Why Engage Us?

Aguzzo Group understands that a retail outlet isn’t it’s products – it’s the people that engage with the end user and make the conversion. Conversions are improved when a customer can see retail staff that believe in their products, can engage and establish an effective rapport highlighting the product’s unique features and benefits. Results in providing enough incentive for the consumer to make the purchase, conversion achieved!

Our Value

In a time when retail outlets are loosing sales due to the influx of online shops, it has become ever more important to enhance the experience of the traditional bricks and mortar store.

Aguzzo Group’s core focus is to maximise sell through with our in store demonstrations.

Establish an effective rapport with your retailers, with a positive brand presence. Increases your relevance to retailers.

Enhancing sell through of your brand with “last three feet” in store demonstration . Contact us now for a Free consultation.

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